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The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp

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18 full modules
Requires zero knowledge
4 hours of quality content
Have a private mentorship
Benjamin Codevinci
Course Mentor

Course Content

Web Design
Develop different aspects of user experience on a website.

1. Introduction to computer science
2. Basic elements & principles of visual design
3. The design CRAP principles
4. Typography
5. Colors and the science behind it
6. Practice and reflection
7. Web design terminology and jargon
8. The anatomy of a website design
9. The anatomy of a responsive web design
10. User experience
11. Accessibility
12. Practical assignments
Structure a web page in HTML.

1. Web browsers
2. HTTP requests and DOM
3. Web browser security
4. Websites and web pages
5. Introduction to HTML
6. HTML text
7. HTML links
8. Making and styling tables
9. Search engine optimization (SEO)
10. Semantic HTML
11. Meta Tags in HTML
12. Basic HTML forms
13. HTML inputs
14. Form validation
15. Images
16. HTML5 audio
Describe the presentation of a web page or any document written in a markup language.

1. Intro to CSS
2. CSS selectors
3. Specificity
4. Pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements
5. The BOX model
6. CSS padding
7. CSS borders
8. CSS margins
9. CSS outline
10. Display and visibility
11. Units
12. Positions part 1
13. Positions part 2
14. Overflowing elements
15. Floats
16. Flexbox part 1
17. Flexbox part 2
18. CSS grid part 1
19. CSS grid part 2
20. CSS grid part 3
21. 2D transformations
22. Background
23. Colours in CSS
24. CSS shadows
25. Text effects in CSS
26. Web fonts
27. Tooltips
28. CSS transitions
29. Advanced transformations
30. Advanced CSS animations
31. Responsive CSS
32. Responsive CSS: videos
33. CSS variables
34. SASS: introduction
35. SASS: data types
36. SASS: advanced selectors
37. SASS: handling actions
38. Bootstrap: getting started
39. Bootstrap: elements and components
40. Bootstrap: plug-ins


A mentor-driven web development course fuelled with quality-focused content.

You've probably heard the phrase that content is the king. Well, things change. Content has lost its title to mentors. Mentors now lead the course through the complexity of modules. After all, good content isn't a matter of discussion - it's a default!

What's in the course?:

Develop different aspects of user experience on a website.
• Structure a web page in HTML.
• Describe the presentation of a web page or any document written in a markup language.
• Create, manage, and update dynamic web content.
• Access, manage and update data using database management systems.
• Build your portfolio with the help of your teachers.
• Set your goals and objectives to determine a thorough career plan.

Study smart:

You will focus on using your cognitive skills to retain the information better and learn faster. Not to mention that here the quicker you finish the course, the less money you spend!Learning was never easy, but that doesn't stop us from making it enjoyable! When starting the first classes of this front-end web development course, you'll notice that it has a few different types of content pieces:

THEORY - Text & video lectures

To help you take in the enormous amount of information, you'll be switching between reading text lectures and watching explanatory videos or analyzing screen recordings of specific cases and step-by-step tutorials.

PRACTICE - Quizzes, assignments & interactive exercises

Throughout the course, you'll be working with the emulation. There you will have to follow along with the instructor explaining how to execute the code. You can use the emulation to play around by yourself as well!

SELF-ASSESSMENT - Objectives customization & reflection

You'll be setting goals for yourself, and you'll need objectives to evaluate how well you are doing in achieving them. It'll be easier to measure your progress domain-by-domain and reflect on what you've learned so far.

PORTFOLIO - Projects & real-life problem solutions

Two different complexity MAIN projects will be waiting for you. With the help of your Mentor, you will be working on finding solutions to real-life situations.

Research-based web development course structure:

BitDegree instructors have been testing numerous e-learning techniques to find a way to empower students and mentors together to develop unique learning paths that enable different learners to learn web development the way that's best for them.

The fact I can now develop websites without having to write a single line of code is amazing to me! I already doubled my hourly rate and I can see the difference in my clients’ reaction to my work and professionalism!

Course content and certificate is being provided by BitDegree